What are some of the community's most prominent scholars, journalists, authors and political analysts saying about AHMP?

"I've been following AHMP since its inception, and I think they have filled a very large void in the public discourse surrounding contemporary affairs, particularly in the political arena of the Eastern Mediterranean. They have brought many of the Turkish Government's ongoing injustices to light, as that government attempts to rewrite history in order to sanitize its image. [AHMP's Executive Director Phillip Spyropoulos] is incredibly omnivorous in his ability to stay on top of so many issues, week-in and week-out, that deal with the Turkish Government's denial of historical accuracy regarding the Greek, Armenian and Christian past of Asia Minor. I think he's extremely perceptive about the trauma of the genocides committed by the Turkish Government in the earlier part of the 20th Century. AHMP's work is on the cutting edge of issues concerning ethics and historical memory, and these issues are of universal significance, not only for Greeks and Armenians, but also for America's contemporary understanding of both past and present."
-- Dr. Peter Balakian, Donald M. & Constance H. Rebar Chair of Humanities, Department of English, Colgate University; author of the memoir, Black Dog of Fate: An Armenian Son Uncovers His Armenian Past, and chief organizer of Concerned Writers and Scholars, a petition signed by more than 250 leading authors and academics affirming the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide.

"Phillip is providing a genuine service for Greek interests and our community, and we're lucky to have him. I'm really glad that, finally, someone has stepped up to respond to negative reporting in the press about Greeks, Greece and Hellenism. To sustain credibility, of course, we need to be careful not to protest criticism when it is valid (such as the issue of terrorism in Greece), but by and large, I think AHMP is doing a terrific job, and I really admire their energy and forcefulness."
-- Nicholas Gage, a top investigative reporter (formerly with the New York Times) and author of the best-selling book, Eleni.

"I think AHMP's work is wonderful. Phillip is very, very smart and his is a sober voice. He's right to insist that the truth be reported, and it's vital for the media to project information accurately. So much goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about, and considerable pressure is often placed on publications by special interest groups, so it's extremely important to have groups like AHMP, which fight to correct misinformation."
-- Thea Halo, author of the highly-acclaimed new book, Not Even My Name, a biographical account about the slaughter of Pontic Greeks in Turkey.

"AHMP is testament to the growing maturity of our community. Some people see it as just another nationalist organization, rather than for what it is: A progressive organization that is dedicated to accuracy and fairness in the media and freedom for all people. As far as the Greek American community is concerned, such an organization is long overdue. AHMP helps reinforce American standards in the professional media environment, and they help our community immensely when it comes to evaluating the interests of Hellenism and other related issues. The way the media deals with those issues leaves much to be desired. It's easy for detractors to say AHMP is just a cover for anti-Turkish watchdog activities and cast them in that light, but that's certainly not the case. AHMP deals with misinformation in an effective way and helps protect people of Greek and Armenian heritage, and others, from getting marginalized in American society. Phillip is making an important contribution. Rather than simply lamenting our fate, he is making proactive efforts to address the misinformation problem. He has taken action, and that's perfectly in sync with the American spirit."
-- Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, Executive Director of the Cambridge Institute for Peace and Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government.

"AHMP's work proves that, within the system, Hellenic organizations can be supportive and critical at the same time, and Phillip has been a pioneer in the effort regarding objective reporting in the media. AHI has pushed for fairness in the media from the very beginning. When Phillip started AHMP, he really made an impact. I just have to give him very high marks for his energy and for the competence of his replies. The same goes for Ted Karakostas (an AHMP associate). I approve of their editorial approach, and I enjoy the quality of their responses to the misinformation. They really do their homework, and they conduct themselves in a responsible and professional way. We should have an organization like this in every major city."
-- Eugene Rossides, Founder and President of the American Hellenic Institute; author and editor of several books, including The Truman Doctrine Of Aid To Greece: A Fifty Year Retrospective.

"My general feeling is strong and clear. I think you stand to gain much when you read articles by AHMP. Their input on the way our community forms its opinions is valuable. They know their way in and out of problems; they express themselves vigorously; and I find that to be refreshing. All too many of us are afraid to state our opinions, and over time, that has only worked to our disadvantage. But Phillip is not afraid to stand up and be counted. He's well informed, and he's making a very positive contribution. He's dedicated and intelligent, and when both of those qualities are working together, it's a formidable combination."
-- Dr. Speros Vryonis, Executive Director (recently retired) of the Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism in Sacramento, California and former director of New York University's Onassis Center, as well as UCLA's Von Grunenbaum Center for Middle Eastern Studies; recognized as one of the world's preeminent scholars of Hellenic, Byzantine and Ottoman studies.

As published in The Hellenic Times, 8/25/00 - 9/14/00, Vol. XXVII, No. 10
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