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We support our sisters and brothers in Turkey who are courageously advocating for democratic, progressive and humanitarian change for our world <3

-- P.D. Spyropoulos, June 3, 2013

The American Hellenic Media Project is a grass-roots, non-profit think tank whose purposes are:

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Greeks as "ethnic hysterics": racist stereotyping in the service of political agendas

Addressing the New York Times' reluctance to recognize the genocide of the Greek population of Turkey:
four articles from the New York Times contemporary to the Asia Minor Holocaust of 1922

Editorializing Intolerance - The New York Times' book review headline, "Loving The Unlovable Greeks", and image of Greeks fighting

The American Hellenic Media Project and its volunteers wish to extend our sincerest condolences to those victimized by acts of terror as well as state-sponsored and other organized violence throughout the world.

A Crisis Unresolved: Changing Course in Our China Policy (Army Times, Marine Times, South Bend Tribune - published April / May 2001)

Vietnam, Cyprus and Wartime Atrocities - Senator Kerrey's search for atonement (New York Newsday, The Oklahoma Gazette, The Colorado Springs Independent, The Western Queens Gazette - published May 2001)

Media Alert: AHMP Calls For Andy Rooney's Dismissal For Racist Remarks Against Greeks and Immigrants (posted June 2001)

The Problem with Balkan Revisionism; Washington Post and Daily Telegraph advance revisionist views regarding ancient Macedonia and Albanian irredentism (posted April 2001)

Understanding The Cyprus Tragedy - article exposes history, and delves into heart, of Cyprus problem

A glimpse into the modern machinery of genocide denial
Microsoft pressured by Turkish government to deny Armenian Genocide
Congress successfully pressured by Turkish government to deny Armenian Genocide

Phantom Terror: Is Greece Among The World's Top Terrorist States?

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